Arsenal of Artists | The Recruits
Arsenal of Artists | The Recruits
Art Show hosted by SubUrban Vinyl
Curated by Playful Gorilla & Cash Cannon

Our custom toys will be on show today, April 18th, 2015 at Suburban Vinyl Art Gallery!

MDR - Lt. Longhorn | 3" Masonic Dunny Robot - Lieutenant Longhorn and his trusty crow named Coop are outfitted to handle whatever is thrown at them. Seeing through Coop's eyes, Longhorn has owned every battle showing supreme combat tactics. With this sight, he has been unmatched but time wares the nuts and bolts...time warrants the training of new Recruits! Stay tuned, for tomorrow you'll meet his most trusted Recruit, Private Peckerwood!

MMR - Pvt. Peckerwood | 3" Masonic Dunny Robot - Private Peckerwood has a list of advanced skills that makes him rise above his fellow Recruits. Aerial combat is his strength and his freedom, it gives him solace before reigning down a barrage of kill strikes from his robosword. Peckerwood owns the phrase, "Death from above" and he ain't afraid to demonstrate. This bird of prey has traveled with the Lieutenant for years, primarily acting as Longhorn's scout. Yes he can see with the help of his crow, Coop but having Peckerwood armed with deadly gear makes a bit more sense sending him out for scouting missions apposed to Coop. This has gotten Peckerwood into trouble many times, he has the scars to prove it!

- Base Vinyl Platform: Kidrobot Dunny
- Materials Used: Acrylic Paint & Misc. Parts
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