Elemental Golems
Elemental Golems
by Joshua D Mason

Elemental Golems are tiny, magical beasts forged from The Masonry and imbued with a specific elemental power...

Fire Golem | 3" Elemental Dunny - This particular Golem burns with a great fiery chaos, he is of the Fire Element!

Earth Golem | 3" Elemental Dunny - This particular Golem roots himself and gathers strength from natural surroundings, he is of the Earth Element!

Ice Golem | 3" Elemental Dunny - This particular Golem freezes time itself with paralyzing auras of chilling needles, he is of the Ice Element!

Void Golem | 3" Elemental Dunny - This particular Golem embodies the dark and empty pocket of time and space, he is of the Void Element!

King Golem Rockmuncher the Radiant | 3" Elemental Dunny - This particular Golem shines with brightest of lights, he is of the Radiant Element! He is crowned in stone and gifted with a furiously radiant power. His four arms grant him an advantage on the battlefield, throwing more boulders than any other Golem in the land. The more he lay waste, the more he grows in hunger!

- Base Vinyl Platform: 3" Kidrobot Dunny
- Materials Used: Krylon Primer & Acrylic Paint
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