Masonic Mascot - Bronco Dad #1
Masonic Mascot
by Joshua Mason
Masonic Mascot - Bronco #1: Dad | 7" Kidrobot Munny by Joshua 2015.
Private commission for a Father's Day gift. Can't get over how fun these types of projects are when I know they are gifts. I hear about the reveal and how happy the person when the got the custom piece of art.
I got a pretty cool message from her this morning, "My husband LOVES THE BRONCO!!!!! Omg!!! He can't belive it! But I told you now all my family wants one" followed up with, "Hey just want to say thank you, you did am amazing job and I know this is a hard day for you... But I just wanted you to know how thankful I am and I know your father is looking down very, very proud of you." We're all smiles over here!

- Base Vinyl Platforms: 7" Munny
- Materials Used: Acrylic Paint & Super Sculpey
Thanks for taking a look!!!
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