MMR - Frankenbot | Giveaway #1
MMR - Frankenbot | 2.5" Micro Munny
by Joshua Mason

Fan Appreciation Giveaway! 
Announcing the First Contest Winner held by Mind of the Masons, the custom Micro Masonic Munny Robot goes to....


Congrats Dude and thank you to everyone currently supporting us and those that helped spread the word!
Some kind words from Alex, the recipient of this custom...
"Today I received an unbelievable custom by @MindoftheMasons ! Let me tell you I was floored when I finally held this little guy in my hands. The first thing you notice is the paint... The paint job was flawless - it even has this green to gray (which was a nod to Playful Gorilla Colors) gradient that happens around the neck that's just perfect. Holding him in hand he has some weight to him. He's solid - the sheer number of add ons are perfectly placed and painted up as though it were a production piece. The tiniest if screws are strategically place (and painted too) creating this badass little character named Frankenbot! If you don't own an original #mindofthemasons piece - you are absolutely missing out! Wow. Frankenbot now has a home amongst friends!! Thank you once again Joshua Joshua Mason! (A dude with skillz so nice I said his name twice!) lol"
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