MMR - Scorned
MMR - Scorned
by Joshua D Mason

MMR - Scorned | Masonic Munny Robot

Scorned has taken on numerous disguises to keep his enemies at bay. His armor has been modified so often that it has begun to malfunction, phasing to previous colors by itself. Being the survivalist that he is, he bunkered down for over a year to decode mythic knowledge from his Masonic Core. With these new mythic abilities, he now has the power to alter his armor by changing colors to ones he's previously had. 

Scorn V2.0 = Scorned! This bot I've had on hand from a release a couple years ago. One of my favorites so I didn't mind having it on display at the house. Figured it was time to repaint and put it up for grabs.

Available for purchase!
Storenvy | Mind of the Masons

- Base Vinyl Platform: 7" Kidrobot Munny
- Materials Used: Krylon Primer, Liquitex Spray Paint, Acrylic Paint & Misc. Parts
Thanks for looking!
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