MRU - Mercs For Hire

MRU - Mercs For Hire
by Joshua D Mason

These two bots were made for our Giveaway we put together on Instagram and Facebook a few months ago.

Mercs are some of the most hardy, badass bots that roam the land.

MDR - Juggermoss | 3" Masonic Dunny Robot - Juggermoss takes it to a whole other level with his dual jetpack, once he gets moving there's no stopping him!

MMR - Tombsmith | 2.5" Masonic Munny Robot - Tombsmith has mastered the Robosword, a weapon that quickly greets it's foes to their graves!

- Base Vinyl Platform: Kidrobot Dunny & Micro Munny
- Materials Used: Krylon Primer, Liquitex Spray Paint, Acrylic Paint & Misc. Parts

Thanks for looking, let us know what you think!
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